I didnt get a chance last week to comment on this, but I just wanted to take a moment here to give my respects to Nate Dogg passing away.

For me, Growing up in Los Angeles, in 90's with mostly older friends, I remember getting a friend to buy a copy of Snoop Doggs "Doggystyle". I had to listen to it secretly in headphones, because I was about 9 years old, and my parents would probably of had a heart attack. I listened to that album a million times, yet Aint no fun still kills me to this day.

His hooks on so many of those songs are so infectious, and these days no one can do it like he could. They all use machines and auto tune etc. Nate Truly was the voice of an era and the City of Los Angeles.

Rest in Peace

Here's some jam's in his memory

The first is a cover of area codes that was done by Filip Nikolic (aka DJ Turbotito) and his friends in denmark.
Its kinda silly, but fun.

Donkey Soundsystem - Hoes

Then these are just some personal all time favorites:

Nate Dogg Feat Snoop Dogg- Never Leave me Alone

E-40 feat Nate Dogg- Nah Nah Nah

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