New years eve is this thursday, which will end this decade, whatever you call it.

2009 has been full of a lot of up's and down's, as i suppose every year is, this one was a doozie. I am definitely excited to see it go, and am excited for 2k10.

I will be celebrating this year at The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, CA) DJing along side my good friend Dan Rumble (one half of the Cosmic Kids) Along with performances from The Growlers (Who just got back from a tour with Julian Casablancas) and My Pet Saddle

I DJ at midnight exactly, right after "the ball" drops, and am actually kinda nervous as to what should be the first song of the new year. O the pressureeeeeeee.



SO it's the end of the year, and usually this when every critic/ blogger/ record label/ magazine/ media outlet release a list of their picks for songs of the year.

I dont really feel like doing that, but I will say that 2009 to me had one real stand out entire RECORD LABEL.

Stones Throw records, founded by Chris Manak A.K.A. Peanut Wolf, Released 3 of the years best records, and they should all be on any music critics top 10 list.

Those records being Dam Funk's "Toeachhizown" Mayer Hawthorne's "A Strange Arrangement" and James Pants' "Seven Seals"

I have been lucky enough, that over the last year or two, gotten to know and DJ along side Dam Funk, and along with being an amazing DJ, turning me on to amazing funk and disco mostly from the early 80's, he is also a great talent. On top of that, he is probably one of the nicest, most humble people you'll ever meet. If you live in L.A. and get a free monday night, I highly recommend you stop by his night "Funkmosphere" at the Carbon Bar in Culver City. Definitely worth the drive.

I also got to DJ along side James Pants earlier this year, and he is one of the most exuberant insane DJ's Ive ever seen. He will be returning to LA this January.

Here are some of my favorite tracks by them for you to check out.

Merry Holidays everyone!

Dam Funk- One Less Day

Mayer Hawthorne- Just ain't gonna work out

James Pants "Thin Moon"



Classixx did a remix of Eddy Grant's "California Style" I seriously cant stop play it, so good. I hope remember this track come summer time.

You can download it here:

(to download Eddy Grant- California Style (Classixx Remix)

Also if you get a chance, URB magazine is having the voting for their "Readers Choice" Awards.

Go vote for Classixx remix of Phoenix "Liztomania" for song of the year, along with other LA friends: EatSkeet (Skeet's Skeet's Blog, nominated for best blog) and Dance Right (MFG's party, voted for best party)

You can vote here:



Tonight I am DJing with the Legendary DJ Harvey and the Black Disco crew at the Mountain bar in China town.

This is going to be a good one.

Here's a video of Harvey playing the last song at 7:15 at his party "Sarcastic DIsco" earlier this year

Louisahhh, Cosmic KIds, No Msg, DJ pubes and myself will be playing music downstairs.

Hope you can come.



Wanted to share some new stuff DJ Turbotito has been working on.
He is seriously on FIREEEE

His new remix of Science and Industry stays true to the original grimey synth line from the original track but gives it a nice spaced out touch, great for the playing out.
I first heard the Science and Industry track from DJ Chris Holmes in LA. They are made up of Chris Holmes, James Curd (The greenskeepers) and JDUB. Here's a link to download the track for free.


You can also get the original track here:


Here is also a mixtape Turbotito released during last weeks tragic RAINSTORM.


He is also recently just finished remixes for Dead Man's Bones and We Are the World along with some recent collaborations with SKEET SKEET.

You can catch him this friday, as he is one of the DJ's playing me and Killer Cam's Birthday party and ts2 along with SOLAR from Pacific Sound in SF, DJ SKEET SKEET and COSMIC KIDS.